Hey Friends,

I'm preparing to ride my bike around Lake Superior this September, which is a pretty big deal for me, but in the larger scope of things that could be really meaningful, its not such a big deal at all. The thing that makes it a bit more significant, though, is that I'd like to use the opportunity to raise money for Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank. So, I'm

calling this effort "Velo the Lake 2012 -- Ride Against Hunger." It’s  my way of trying to bring a just bit of actual value to what might be otherwise thought of as only another item on one man’s “Bucket List.”  If you like the idea, and are in a position to donate something to one of the really great non-profits in our region, then please consider a financial gift to Second Harvest. Now, THAT would be something truly worthwhile.

As the weeks go by, I will provide more information on what Second Harvest does, and how you can help me help them. And, I will keep you posted on how I'm preparing to Ride around Lake Superior from September 13th to 23rd 2012, along with plenty of photos and thoughts as I pedal my way around the big lake. There will be much more to come on this shortly...

 Timothy Soden-Groves

P.S.  Many thanks to good friend Andy Saur for the fantastic Velo the Lake logo!


Bike Ride to Benefit Second Harvest

Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank is a non-profit organization whose mission is to feed NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin’s hungry by rescuing and distributing food and engaging our region in the fight against Hunger.  Your $1 donation can provide five meals to the hungry; your $10, fifty meals; your $100 — well, you get the idea. Click HERE to make a secure online donation to Second Harvest.  In the field
labeled “This donation is for a special occasion:” type “Velo the Lake 2012” if you would like to  honor
Timothy’s effort  to Ride Against Hunger.

Ride Against Hunger

How You Can Help Fight Hunger

About the Ride:

· 1050 Miles

· 10 Days

· 2 Bicycles

· 1 Rider

· 2 Nations

· 3 States

· 1 Province

· 8 U.S. Counties    Relying on Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank

How You Can

Help Fight Hunger


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September 13– 23, 2012

Velo the Lake 2012

Velo the Lake 2012—Ride Against Hunger is not a corporation or business.  It is solely intended for personal recreation and as a benefit to Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank.

Want to learn more about Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank’s fight against hunger? Click the Second Harvest logo above, and let them tell you their story.